Thursday, May 11, 2006

.: Some food...... :.

So I took some pics at my lunchbox and my colleague's food.... I really stopped them from eating first and let me snap their food while everyone of us was basically starving at 4pm, and bare in mind, my working time? 4pm is my lunch time ....
My mom's cooking..... always the best hehe! There's... fried fish with sambal petai prawn, & some vege (healthy~~)
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And this is ..... Sweet and Sour Chicken rice ...believe me, it's nicccccceeeeee!
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Char Kuey Teow~~~
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and Sweet and Sour Fish rice .. nothing special than the chicken eh? But I think it should be okay.....
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That's it this time. More to come in the future (i'm just gonna fully utilized my camera hahaha)... feeling for food yet? heheheheee

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s7even said...

*saliva flowing*
uh.. looks tasty.. wanna have a bite hehe.. havent had my dinner yet..