Tuesday, May 09, 2006

.: A new start :.

At last I decided to leave my current company. Not to say it's lousy, in fact it is a good company for everything it can do (except ugly politics which every company has), relax environment (stressful on workload though), fun & loving environment, full of activities all year long, a place where VPs will get down and dress up like animals in an aquarium and sing song to entertain the staff ( whereelse the heck you can find?) , sux cafeteria food, sux in-line managers LOL... and so on. I will definitely miss it because that's the first job after my graduation where I'm pampered to the utmost. Easy handled job area, can hang out with colleagues, no problem in cracking head to find out what should and shouldn't I say. Even no need to worry toilets are out of toilet paper or dirty! And there are in a total of 10 cells for me to choose! No need to worry about traffic jam and petrol rise because it aint' my car and what I need to do is just "Hello, xxx, I'll be late because the bus is late/stuck in a jam" there you go, none a responsibility is on me. .... Not much of effort needed... too comfortable and I dont like that. (WTF am I thinking?!?! I probably have the best job in the world!) I'm afraid that my brain will lose its motivation to stay hardworking. Yes. And it's not what I'd studied. You maybe saying I'm too stupid to just leave it. But I guess everyone has his own goal to chase after.

I'm employed in a software developing company in Phileo Damansara. I will be working with Eric (my ex-coursemate, the one I respect of his brain work) I thank him to introduce me to his company. I'm so fresh, no experience in IT field even though have been working for 9 months after graduation. They still take me (terms & conditions applied). So, from now on, I will know what kind of a job which I need to work my ass off to get paid off. I'm not taking the shit onto myself I just think, it just can't be too comfortable in life else I'll be lazier. Whether or not I'll like it, I'll tell you later. I just feel that I have to try on something I've been studied, if it's really not the one I wanted, I'll accept it and go on with other industries.

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